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Iowa was one of the first 11 states to open up sports betting operations after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the federal government did not have the constitutional right to curtail the states from making their own decision on sports gambling.

The Iowa Gaming and Racing Commission (IGRC) was ready to write regulations and impart what stipulations were necessary for all aspects of sports betting. It took legislators one year to iron out their differences on what a new sports betting law would look like for Iowans. Once the governor officially signed the law, the IGRC began working on the nuances of sports betting.

The IGRC was concerned about various aspects, especially those related to how odds were derived and how bettor's financial transactions would be handled. We'll start by exploring the timeline for sports betting in Iowa and then take a look at the best sportsbook apps currently active.

Iowa Sports Betting History

Iowa banned all forms of gambling beginning prior to the Civil War. Laws were enacted that made it illegal to gamble in any fashion in 1846. Gambling remained against the law for more than a century.

Ironically, it was a church picnic that started the shift in sentiment. At the North Buena Vista function, visitors could take part in a number of games of chance. The picnic was raided. The local priest of the Parrish was arrested.

1971 marked the 40th consecutive year for the picnic, much of the revenue from the games going to charity. The event was the driving force behind changes in Iowa's gambling laws.

Eventually, Iowa lawmakers consented to allow games other than bingo and friendly poker rounds. They allowed for casinos and pari-mutuel betting in 2000. There would be a change coming at the federal level that would affect gambling in Iowa even more than of the previous changes.

Iowa's lawmakers had tentatively discussed what steps they would take if the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the ruling banning sports gambling across the nation. That event finally happened in May 2018.

Just shy of one year after the landmark Supreme Court decision, Iowa's legislators sent Bill 617 to Governor Kim Reynolds. The legislation was signed into effect in May 2019. Iowa's sports betting laws allow for professional and college betting.

The IGRC worked swiftly to put into place the necessary safeguards for revenue control and user security. Within three months, Iowa's sportsbook operations were ready for the new NFL and NCAA football seasons.

Much of the Iowa focus targeted the college openers since the state doesn't have a professional franchise. Retail sportsbook license authorizations were issued to allow for seven individual brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Having started one week after the official signature was inked on the new law, the IGRC was ready to announce how the process would work for prospective industry stakeholders. William Hill generated four of the original authorizations.

The global betting leader was set to coordinate sportsbook operations at Prairie Meadows, Lakeside Casino, Isle Waterloo, and Isle Bettendorf. After issuing sports betting control measures in three phases, the IGRC had regulations in place to address mobile operations, account registrations, and problem gambling issues.

Iowa Sportsbook Apps

Online sportsbook apps were approved for launch in August 2019. Williams Hill was primed to be a leader in Iowa because of its early attachment to four physical locations. This was critical in Williams Hill's surge to grab an enormous share of the Iowa sports betting market.

By the end of February 2020, there were a total of six individual sportsbook apps approved by the IGRC. The Hard Rock Sioux City Sportsbook, the Q Casino sportsbook, and the Elite Sportsbook app are all specific apps attached to each brick-and-mortar location.

That leaves three dedicated online sports betting app leaders prime to battle for the top spot for online sports betting in Iowa. Let's take a look at the three current sportsbook app operations that have been launched.

in 2021 not only did online registration become legal, bringing in more sportsbooks like BetMGM, but William Hill was bought out by Caesars and William Hill Iowa became Caesars Iowa.

BetMGM Iowa

BetMGM was one of the last sportsbooks to enter the Hawkeye State. BetMGM waited until 2021, when registration was fully online, to enter. It partnered with the same casino as FanDuel in Diamond Jo. However, you will not find any physical BetMGM sportsbooks in the state.

BetMGM is known for having a great all-around sportsbook. BetMGM puts the betting first, which is important. It offers great odds pricing and tons of variety in its wagers. It also has one of the better betslips for new users to sports betting.

BetMGM’s browser site and mobile app are both very easy to navigate; however, the app can seem clustered with promotions. While these promotions are for the sportsbook itself, they can be annoying at times.

The new user bonus for BetMGM is a $1,000 bet offer. This bet means that you cannot lose with that first bet when the promotion is applied. You will be refunded your stake, up to $1,000, with site credit if you lose. However, if you win, you get to keep the entire payout like a normal bet.

Caesars Sportsbook App Iowa

Caesars Sportsbook Logo

Caesars Sportsbook took over the licensing spot that William Hill previously had in Iowa. This means that if you already had a William Hill Iowa account, that account is now a Caesars Sportsbook Iowa account! The new application is a great blend of William Hill's previous sportsbook app and everything you love about Caesars, like huge promotions and great support.

The new user bonus for this new Caesars Sportsbook app is a massive $1,250 bonus bet. That bonus bet can be used on a myriad of wagers with little restriction. If you lose your bet, you get your money credited back into your account up to that $5,000 mark. You must use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code "CAFERF" to unlock this Caesars Iowa bonus.DraftKings Sportsbook App Iowa

As one of the leading sportsbook apps in the industry, they had high expectations after their official launch in February 2020.

However, unforeseen circumstances have drastically limited the early numbers for new DraftKings Sportsbook App registration. One advantage DraftKings does have over the other active sportsbook apps in Iowa is the inclusion of fantasy sports in the legislation.

While the two accounts must be kept separate, it still provides DraftKings with an open voice to all the DFS customers they can register. Registering for a daily fantasy sports account with DraftKings is not restricted by the current Iowa sports betting rules.

DraftKings is offering new accounts up to $1,050 in sign-up money. DraftKings will match an initial deposit up to $1,000 at a 20% rate. Therefore, a $5,000 deposit is needed to earn the full $1,000 bonus. Following your first deposit, you will also receive a $50 bonus bet.

Since the registration is completed, bettors can fund their DraftKings accounts and place bets from anywhere in the state. You are able to enter Iowa and legally register and bet using the DraftKings Sportsbook App.FanDuel Sportsbook Iowa


FanDuel Sportsbook was able to establish a partnership with Diamond Jo casinos in Iowa. Now that online registration has launched, you can bet anywhere in the state without ever leaving your home. However, if you wish to bet at a FanDuel physical sportsbook, you can do so at Diamond Jo Casino Dubuque or Diamond Jo Worth Casino.

FanDuel Sportsbook is no longer simply a top daily fantasy sports platform; it is now widely considered one of the best sportsbooks in the United States. FanDuel has tons of things going for it, like an amazing mobile design and awonderful browser site. However, the amount of promotions on FanDuel is outstanding.

The existing user promotions include parlay insurance, boosted odds, bonus bets, bonus bet money, pools, and more! The amount of value you can get when betting on FanDuel is up there with any other major sportsbook. Of course, FanDuel’s normal odds are very competitively priced, even without promotions.

The FanDuel promotion for new users is worth a whopping $1,000. It takes the form of a $1,000 no sweat bet for a single wager. You cannot lose your money on this bet as FanDuel will refund you site credit for your entire loss up to $1,000

PointsBet Sportsbook App Iowa


Iowa sports bettors have access to one of the more unique online sports betting platforms in the industry. PointsBet offers a number of interesting betting lines and variations on the standard points spread wagers.

PointsBet opened as the sportsbook operator for betting at the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. They began in-house sports betting in August 2019. Now, new PointsBet accounts can be established anywhere in the state, and then bets made anywhere as well.

PointsBet posts a different set of odds for individual games. Many times these are types of bets, but they pay off much higher than standard lines. It gives bettors a chance to play more than the traditional odds and prove how correct their betting judgment is.

To help new bettors get the feel for the unique PointsBet platform, they are offering new accounts a pair of bonus bet options. Bettors will receive up to a $500 refund on their first standard wager-type bet.

This $500 first bet applies to the standard posted odds. They also offer another $1,500 first bet for any of the enticing variable bets. All total, new PointsBet accounts can receive up to $2,000 in bet refunds.

The Australian-based sportsbook operation is beginning to fashion itself as a popular option for sports bettors across the United States. Their presence in Iowa will only further support this appeal. As they work out the details in other states, the PointsBet performance in Iowa will help improve their standing.

Iowa Sportsbook Apps on the Horizon

There is some indication that FoxBet will make a push to bring their popular online sports betting platform to Iowa.

One of the key factors that point to FanDuel having strong odds of gaining access is the part of the May 2019 legislation that also permitted daily fantasy sports in the state. Now, with an open opportunity to add DFS customers, Iowa should be able to make a strong case for a mobile sportsbook license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bet using an online sportsbook app in Iowa?

Yes, you can bet using one of the active sportsbook apps in Iowa. You also now can register online with any of the major sportsbooks in the state. This means that it is no longer required for you to travel to a casino to register for online betting. This has brought in sportsbooks like FanDuel and BetMGM to join the market.

Can bettors use offshore online sportsbook apps legally from Iowa?

Offshore sportsbook operations will allow Iowa residents to register for accounts and place bets. However, despite a low probability of being actually prosecuted, sports' betting using an offshore account in Iowa violates state and federal laws. Offshore sportsbooks are illegal in Iowa.

Is betting on horse racing legal in Iowa?

One of the reasons that the IGRC was ready to establish guidelines and regulations for sports betting, was the presence of horse race betting in the state. There is one live track at Prairie Meadows. Both the Q Casino and the Wild Rose Casino have established off-track betting facilities.

Can you bet on the DraftKings Sportsbook App in Iowa?

DraftKings was the most recent sportsbook app to launch in Iowa. Effective in February 2020, DraftKings began taking bets from register Iowa DraftKings accounts. Potential new accounts must visit one of three physical Wild Rose Casino locations to set up their Iowa DraftKings Sportsbook App account.

Is the FanDuel Sportsbook App available in Iowa?

The FanDuel Sportsbook App has launched in Iowa. FanDuel also has a retail sportsbook partnership at the Diamond Jo Casino. The launch of the FanDuel Sportsbook App in Iowa was a success, and now you can register online anywhere in the state.

What is the tax rate and licensing fee for Iowa sports betting?

Each casino can register for one physical sportsbook license and two sportsbook app licenses. The fee for each license is $45,000. On top of the licensing fees, Bill 617 requires each sportsbook operation to pay 6.75 percent on all revenue generated.

Can residents from other states register for a sportsbook account and bet in Iowa?

Bill 617 does not specifically specify that only Iowa residents can secure an online sportsbook app account. Bettors from other states can come to Iowa, visit one of the licensed physical sportsbook venues or sign up online, and legally register for an online account. They must be in Iowa, however, to bet.