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MLB Lineup Optimizer

Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Optimizer

The Daily Fantasy Cafe MLB Lineup Optimizer allows you to create better lineups faster than you ever thought possible. In conjunction with our projections system and stacking tool, we offer our users the ability to create hundreds of lineups optimized for that night in just minutes. With our outstanding customization process of both projections and player pool, make the competitive lineups you want to play.

Take a look at important hitter stats like wOBA and ISO splits by handedness, pitcher stats like K% and Opponent wOBA, batting order, park factors, weather and more. Search for the players you are looking for or filter by game, position or salary.

Once you've gone through all those important stats, lock players you want to include in your lineups and exclude players you don't want included. Edit the DFC fantasy point projections or import your own projections from an excel file. We also provide you with our value metric, Cafe Value, to ensure you know a players' value based on his salary.

Use our revolutionary "Exposure" setting to decide what the maximum percentage of lineups you want any individual player in. This is a great tool to use for tournaments in order to spread your action evenly among great plays and to avoid being to heavy on any one player.

Now that you've taken care of all that customization, click "Generate Lineups" to view a plethora of optimal lineups based on your customized locks, exclusions and projections. Keep running it over and over until you’ve put together a winning lineup.

Most Accurate Draftkings & FanDuel MLB Lineup Generator

Given a projection of fantasy points and a salary for each active player, the problem of finding the best lineup(s) to enter for a particular DFS site boils down to a complex mathematical problem. The goal is to choose some number of players (e.g., 9 players in FanDuel) that maximizes the total projected points that also satisfies all the various constraints defined by the particular DFS site you are playing. If you can find a valid lineup that gives the highest (optimal) projected point value (and your projections turn out to be accurate), then there is no possible way that any other DFS player can beat you. We have dedicated ourselves to build the best FanDuel Lineup Optimizer and DraftKings Lineup Optimizer to help you win.

If you are playing head-to-head and you believe your projections to be fairly accurate, then playing the optimal lineup will undoubtedly help your chances of winning. Similarly, if you are playing a GPP and want to enter multiple lineups, then playing the K-optimal lineups is sure to improve your chances. The K-optimal lineups are some number of lineups (K of them) for which there is no valid lineup (besides your K lineups) possible that has higher projected points than all K of your lineups. For playing DFS, having these K lineups at your fingertips provides you with some powerful information.

For a typical night, MLB might have 500 players to choose from. There are 5,006,325,637,513,057,000 possible ways to pick 9 players from 500. This is a huge number of lineups to consider. A brute force approach to finding good lineups is just not possible. Of course, the majority of these lineups are not valid and do not satisfy the various lineup rules defined by the DFS site. Examples of rules include: budget, team representation, roster requirements, etc. Each of these rules must be accounted for in searching for the optimal lineup(s). Our goal wasn’t approximate lineups, which is what most DFS sites provide. We provide the most optimal lineups possible to give you an edge and win more money.