MLB Park Factors

Unlike other sports, baseball stadiums have an influence on our daily fantasy picks. These cathedrals hold specific values for left-handed hitters, right-handed hitters, and pitchers. They vary from team-to-team, and there are polar opposites within the league.

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MLB Park Factors 2019: Hits, Runs, Handendness, Weather

Coors Field is the elite hitter's park, as noted in our charts above. Coors Field enhances home runs, extra base hits, and runs from both sides of the plate. Now there is also pitcher's parks, which take away those things, like AT&T Park out in San Francisco. You can check out the sortable columns to view what’s best for hitters and pitchers, also alongside our 1-10 ranking system. Ballparks vary for left-handed hitters and right-handed. Take Fenway for instance, it holds a 1.04 HR park factor for right-handed bats. Lefties, it owns a 0.89. You can sort all this info out, and see where the best spots are for the handedness of hitters.

You have two views to choose from, in case you want to sort best to worst. The individual park factor view allows you to see the stadium designs, which go hand-in-hand with their park factor values. Our site is constantly updating wind and weather, which are key for when researching players. Wind blowing in is helpful for pitchers, and out is helpful for hitters. Stadiums with a high hitter rank boosts fantasy points, and could be a red flag for pitchers. If a pitcher is pitching in AT&T Park, they will receive a boost, given the stadium decreases runs. Park factors go hand-in-hand with research, so use them for your advantage.