NFL Stack Generator

NFL Stacking Tool

Stacking may not mean the same thing in NFL as it does MLB, but it can be just as important to tournament play. Much like baseball players, football players are often highly correlated to their teammates because of the way scoring works in the NFL. Most teams use multiple plays to amass drives down the field to score points and touchdowns, which usually means most of a teams offense is playing well.

While deep stacks like baseball are not recommended, stacks of 2-3 correlated players in NFL are often were beneficial in tournaments to set yourself apart from the competition. Finding the right stack can be tricky and even more difficult to find the correlation without some excellent projections like we have here at Daily Fantasy Cafe.

Using the Daily Fantasy Cafe Stack Generator in conjunction with the projections provided here will allow you to find the best and highest scoring stacks in the NFL weekly. Often these stacks will be between the two most correlated postions, quarterback and wide receiver. However, pass catching running backs and tight ends can be stacked with teammates as well, but stacking without a quarterback is not often advised.