Welcome to MLB GPP Stacking & Ownership. In this article I will give you three options to stack. Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership. As always, plays will be listed from favorite to least favorite of the stack.

Tonight's another fun night for stacking with no game in Coors and a pretty low total in Arizona overall. There are a few lefties on the mound that create some cheap stacks for platoon teams like the Mets, Marlins and Mariners. However, there isn't anyone that really runs away with a "great stack" billing on this slate. The closest thing for me is the Yankees, who I'll outline first below, but I don't think the run potential there is a ton higher based on price, than many of the other teams on this slate.

Option 1

Yankees v Astros - Game Total 8

The Yankees get another...

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I really like the price points of the bats on the Yankees tonight. Not so cheap everyone will be all over them, but not at the level of your typical top notch stack. It should allow for rostering a stud arm.