Welcome to MLB GPP Stacking & Ownership. In this article I will give you three options to stack. Remember that winning a GPP isn't always about maximizing points but instead maximizing some form of points and ownership. As always, plays will be listed from favorite to least favorite of the stacks. There are quite a few games for a Saturday late slate tonight, which should make playing GPPs quite fun tonight for a change. There aren't any totals that stick out a ton, but there are plenty of price based options to use.

Option 1

Mets @ Marlins - Game Total of 9

The Mets have become a popular stack nightly with their bats working and they'll face yet another lefty in Brad Hand tonight. Hand doesn't have much of an impressive major league track record, and the Mets have ...

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Words can't adequately express how much I love the Indians tonight.
As a REALLY TRUE ta da DEATH METS fan I love that Sandy made a right decision for once!!! Bring in Kelly Johnson & Juan Uribe was ok then he tries to get Calros Gomes back I was all hyped up about that then I hear that deal was never finalized!!! Ok same ole Fucking Mets cant get shit done EVER!!!~ and then a few hours later I hear that he got Yoenis OMFG that's not the sam ole Mets to get one of the BIGGEST STUDS EVER!!! Ok lets wait for them to say oh nah that's not real cause Alderson's a pathetic loser and he could never get anyone that GIAGANTIC!!!! Right??? ok lets wait for August 1 to c if this great CUBAN is for real or just another Mets bad joke like Carlos was!!! After all I would have taken Yoenis over anyone in Baseball cause he would be the real DEAL!!! Then OMFG AGAIN YOENIS is in a Mets uniform on August 1st!!! We did it !!!! Sandy your the MAN!!! AWESOMLEY DONE SON!!! He was a monster right from the start even though he didn't at first do what he was capable of doing but anyone that kinows players would say its just a matter of time and were going to be back in first place in NO TIME FLAT and we were!!! Now since we have this taste of being WINNERS right now, lets get him signed for the next 7 years so that we can feel this awesome for the next decade Sandy Alderson!!!! This man is a BEAST and I am for one back o the Mets train again buying tons of Mets Garb, like Hats, T-Shirts and Jerseys mostly with our new Hero Yoenis Cepedes!!! GO METS!!!!