Each day of the MLB season will bring us some major price differences among starting pitchers on all sites. These price discrepancies and the site's roster differences can alter the way we use pitchers on each site, as well as how the field of opponents will use them. Listed below are five of today's top pitchers, each with their salary listed as well as the cafe value that takes into account both the total salary cap on the site and points-per-dollar. We've also provided some betting info for you reference. The higher the cafe value, the better the points-per-dollar play is.

Madison Bumgarner

On the surface, this may look like a matchup to avoid Bumgarner. After all, he's a marginal -110 favorite playing on the road in a hitter-friendly ballpark. However, a closer examination suggests "MadBum" holds some upside. We all know the Giants' lefty pins down left-handed hitters, meaning the Yankees will look towards their righties to inflict some damage. The only New York right-handed hitter I'm concerned about is Carlos Beltran, as Alex Rodriguez has seemingly been zapped of his talent and Mark Teixeira has been struggling through injury. This could translate to plenty of strikeouts and a lofty fantasy total for a lower-than-usual ownership rate on one of the best pitchers in the game. The salary on FanDuel is much more agreeable than DraftKings, and it is somewhat feasible to squeeze him in on Yahoo as well.

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