There are always nights in DFS that slates are offering many different games, but there is actually only value in a few of them. Tonight would certainly fall into that category. Out of the nine games Fanduel is offering, value can be found in less than half of these. When building your lineups, don't always assume that you need exposure to this game and that game, to bolster your maximum points. You always want to roster the best lineup you can, not the best lineup you can including having exposure to all games possible. Tonight's write-up will focus on player's I like, but only from about half of the teams in the slate tonight. I just do not feel comfortable going all over the map with my roster tonight, based on pricing, and match-ups.

High-Priced Plays

Tyler Ulis - Guard, Kentucky. (FD Price $9,100, DK Price $8,200)

Night's like these you have to pay up for someone whether you truly want to or not. I do not love Ulis at this price on the road, but I feel he offers a better shot to get to value than Kingsley against UK's front court, Uthoff in a game that could be over by halftime, Hawkinson against Utah's bigs, and both Memphis studs vs Cinci. Ulis will be in a fast paced game which plays to his favor, and should be able to break Arkansas's press most of the game. This will elad to an advantage at half court, and Ulis should really be able to take advantage. Again, I do not love him at this price, but I feel he offers better value than those priced at or above him.

Dillon Brooks - Forward, Oregon. (FD Price $8,800, DK Price 8,000)

You'll hear a few mentions of Oregon players in this article, but Brooks trumps all the others in my eyes. First of all, this is not exactly a strong night at the forward position, and Brooks is such a safe player. His price has been climbing, but it is still not out of his value range at all. Oregon may play fast, but USC plays even faster, and this will cause a back and forth nonstop scoring type of game. The total opened at 154.5 and has since jumped to 160 and even higher at some spots. USC is not good on the glass at all and while Boucher leads this team in rebounding and blocks, Brooks is a usage machine on Oregon. Brooks is my favorite play of the entire night.

Jaylen Brown - Forward, California. (FD Price $7,400, DK Price 7,600)

California will be another team you'll see in this article throughout tonight. Losing a player like Tyrone Wallace who virtually touches the ball every posession leaves extra fantasy points for others. You'll hear about how guards need to step up without Wallace, but I think Jaylen brown takes a big step forward as well. His usage rate is already at almost 26, and it actually could get higher now. If Brown can stay out of foul trouble, this price is off by almost $1500 tonight. California will need guys to pick up the slack of losing Wallace's 23.4 usage rate, and I expect Brown's numbers to certainly increase.

Mid-Priced Plays

Octavius Ellis - Forward, Cincinnati. (FD Price $6,600, DK Price $6,400)

If you follow pricing for DFS players (which you should be), you'll notice that Ellis's price has risen almost 1K since last week. Even at 6600 though, Ellis is a good value. Ellis spent most of last year priced in the high 6K, low 7K range, so this price doesn't bother me at all. The Bearcats gain a great tempo boost tonight playing Memphis, and I expect Ellis to perform well. Ellis can be a bit of a headcase at times, but he has been playing real well, and Cinci will need him tonight to assure a victory.

Troy Caupain - Guard, Cincinnati. (FD Price $6,600, DK Price $6,100)

I've mentioned that I'll be targeting the same few teams tonight, and Cincinnati's mid priced guys offer a lot of potential. I like Caupain more than most do because of his leadership on this Cinci offense. He owns the ball for much of Cinci's possessions, and tonight should be no different. His price is still good, and the tempo boost offered by Memphis is key here. Close home games are where we typically see Caupain's best and tonight should be a close one.

Tyler Dorsey - Guard, Oregon. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price $6,500)

The argument can be made that the best pound for pound value play of the night is Dorsey. USC just forgets to bring their defense every night, and are typically fantasy gold for their opponents. Dorsey is the best guard Oregon has and will have ample opportunities to pad his numbers tonight. Fade at your own risk.

Low-Priced Plays

Jabari Bird - Guard, California. (FD Price $5,500, DK Price $5,500)

Sam Singer - Guard, California. (FD Price $5,200, DK Price $5,100)

I've listed both guards here for a few reasons. The first is, I feel Singer will garner the most attention coming into this game because of his movement into the starting lineup, while Bird will get a nice usage bump as well. Keep in mind that Singer has gotten 25+ minutes the last two game and not done much with while Bird can be a decent scoring threat at times. I do expect both to see very good run tonight together, and play well. I prefer Singer only because of the dip in price, but I do expect Bird to be lower owned, which holds an advantage as well. Without Wallace, CAL is very thin, and barring foul trouble from anyone, all starters should see significant run tonight.

Mark Tollefson - Forward, Arizona. (FD Price $4,900, DK Price $4,700)

Tollefson may be a bit forgotten by some tonight, but he has started the last two games with Trier out. His minutes were somewhat limited because of huge blowouts, but tonight will be different. Stanford has long bigs and I feel Tollefson fits well into this match-up. His length gives Arizona the ability to use mismatches on defense to Tollefson's advantage as he's really a stretch 3 sized like a 4. He's been fairly consistent his last two even with minutes being limited, but he could very well see 30 minutes tonight and has a good shot to hit value as well.

Raphael Davis - Guard, Purdue. (FD Price $4,900, DK Price $5,100)

Purdue has also had two recent big victories, and this somewhat has limited Davis's court time. Tonight though, Davis should see in the high 20's and his price has just dropped down too low here. Davis has decent peripherals and is never priced this low. I certainly expect this game to be a bit closer than the current Vegas line of 13 as this seems more of an overreaction line. In a close game Davis sees good minutes and court usage, so I love him here to hit value at near minimum price.

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