One of the most intriguing parts of DFS is how you need to constantly adapt to situations. Sometimes you love a play going into a slate but his price is higher than you'd like. Sometimes you hate a play going into a slate, but is price is lower than expected. Tonight's sometimes scenario on Fanduel relates to Denzel Valentine. I'll go further into detail under his name below, but just know that he will be my top high priced option truly because of lack of options. When I overlooked this slate, I was hoping not to have to make this decision and simply fade, but this just wasn't the case. If you think your alone making tough decisions on a nightly basis for who to play/fade, I can promise you you're not. Just know going into the Fanduel slate that the forward position being as ugly as it is may force you to do something your not totally comfortable with. Obvious teams to target will be UCLA and USC, and you'll see below which guys I prefer to play on each site.

High-Priced Plays

Denzel Valentine - Forward, Michigan State. (FD Price $10,000, DK Price $10,100)

Some of you may be thinking, well it's Denzel and it's Northwestern; this is an obvious play. For one thing, I rarely pay 10K premiums for players on the road. My one true exception is Simmons, and I think you understand why that is. Again though, after looking over the entire slate the best direction to go is with Valentine, as I'm far more comfortable with how my lineup looks with him vs without him. With the need to fill five forward positions and Valentine being a true guard, I feel he is a good play for Fanduel's late slate. His floor is fairly high with the rare dud in the mid 20s, and he is still a forward on Fanduel which is a huge plus. I don't love the play, but I like him more than two mid-priced guys based on the slate.

Isaac Hamilton - Guard, UCLA. (FD Price $8,200, DK Price $7,400)

Let me first point out that Hamilton's DK price is highway robbery, and I expect him to be the highest owned player on the entire slate over there. On Fanduel though, it will be a different story, since Bryce is cheaper than him at $8,100. UCLA plays fairly quick as it is, but they draw the fantasy goldmine that is the Huskies. This isn't meant to be a putdown to Washington either, but their average possession length is the 2nd lowest in the country and UCLA will love the extra possessions. I prefer Hamilton on both sites as he's more efficient and been playing better recently. His price is a bit higher than I'd like on Fanduel, but the projected pace of this game as a potential 40 burger looming for him.

Tony Parker - Forward, UCLA. Price $7,700, DK Price $7,700)

I know this seems kind of strange to give a mention to Tony Parker here, as news about his ankle surfaced about him missing practice Tuesday. Everything I see though says he has the green light and will be fine for the game against Washington. Another reason I was to mention him is because I don't expect anyone else to. Don't get me wrong Welsh is the play on DK for the price cut, but when priced the same (like on FD), I'll take Parker every time when playing at home. Parker's numbers are much more consistent at home, and barring any injury news that comes before lock, feel safe rolling him out on Fanduel.

Mid-Priced Plays

Kadeem Allen - Guard, Arizona. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price $6,600)

Allen is coming off a mediocre at best stretch of four games, and I really like his bounce back chances at home against the Ducks. Foul trouble has hindered his success, but Allen's recent minutes limitation has dropped his price down a few hundred dollars. These are the spots you always look for in DFS when good players run through a stretch of some bad games and it impacts their price. Allen's peripherals are real nice, and look for him to have a nice game for this price tomorrow. As a side note, I don't mind Gabe York, but would prefer to play him on DK as he's cheaper there.

Nikola Jovanic - Forward, USC. (FD Price $6,300, DK Price $6,100)

Jovanic falls into a very similar category as Kadeem Allen. He is someone who has recently struggled, after a stretch of good games and his price has gone down because of it. I don't believe it's a coincidence either that his last three duds all came on the road. Jovanic plays far better at home and this price is just too low for him. USC is projected the most points on the entire slate, so you'll want action somewhere and Jovanic is the best bargain. Jump down the chute and pay for Jovanic instead of climbing the ladder with Boatwright.

Katin Reinhardt - Guard, USC. (FD Price $5,700, DK Price $5,600)

In games like this, I always love to take the cheapies and spend up elsewhere. Reinhardt is price accurately, but the match-up plays heavily to his favor with projected pace. Reinhardt has Jekyll and Hyde qualities and can be equally bad at home as he is on the road sometimes, but this price and match-up is far too good to pass up on. Reinhardt will fire up threes and should see more than enough court time to hit value at this price. I prefer to not pay for McLaughlin as his numbers have took a dive since Jacobs returned, and I just prefer Jacobs to be in the 7500 range instead of 8000. As mentioned when talking about Jovanic, you'll want a horse in this race, and the two best values are Jovanic and Reinhardt.

Low-Priced Plays

Rex Pflueger - Guard Notre Dame. (FD Price $5,300, DK Price $4,600)

Some of you may or may not know, but Demetrius Jackson will not play in this one. While both DFS sites, bumped up Pfueger's price, I don't feel they bumped him high enough. He has been fairly productive with his time on the court, and should certainly see 30+ minutes tomorrow as Notre Dame runs very thin. He showed against BC that he can handle PG duties, and contribute across the board in a box score. This will be a close game tomorrow and a tempo good enough to warrant value for Pfueger. There is some risk here, but his price is not bad at all.

Mark Tollefsen - Forward, Arizona (FD Price $4,700, DK Price $4,900)

I'm so glad that Tollefsen had a dud @ California, as his price would have certainly been over 5K if he didn't. Instead we are left with yet another opportunity to play low price Tollefsen who is still starting for the inured Trier. Tollefsen can play the 3 or the 4 and is a match-up problem wit his length, He hasn't seen less than 24 minutes in 5 straight, and no reason that will change at home tomorrow. Pound for pound, Tollefsen is one of the best values on the entire Fanduel slate.

Eric Jacobsen - Forward, Arizona State. (FD Price $4,700, DK Price $4,600)

When the choice was made to run out Valentine, Tollefsen and Jacobsen were large reasons why. Jacobsen isn't guaranteed as many minutes as Tollefsen, but when on the court is fairly productive. He has over 11 fps in 5 of his last 6 games, and has a decent home match-up with Oregon State. For this price, Jacobsen is fairly safe and allows you to fit the higher priced options mentioned in this article.

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