I don't have to detail to you any more than I already have that I truly prefer the stars and scrubs method in CBB DFS. You give me a slate with high priced studs, and I'm confident I'll build a cheap team around them that I'll feel good about in cash. Saturday's slate though is completely out of my norm. I find absolutely no value in the early slate of running out stars with scrubs as all of the well best match-ups and pricing is in the middle of the pack. I mentioned in the last article that the ability to adapt as per the slate is one of the most underrated qualities that top DFS players have. I don't go into a slate thinking how can I get the stars in with the scrubs, but actual think how I can get the highest projection of points. Now most cases this is through stars and scrubs, but this slate requires a different route. I've provided below my top higher priced options with many mid priced plays for the slate.

High-Priced Plays

Andrew Andrews - Guard, Washington. (FD Price $9,900, DK Price $10,000)

I just preached about how I'm not going to mix stars with scrubs, yet Andrews is getting first mention here? What? Truth is you always have to pay up for someone, and I cannot stomach any of the other options. Washington will be met with a similar pace from USC and the pace of this game could be the fastest of the entire season. Andrews bit the foul trouble bug last game, and I certainly look for him to surpass the 12 points he scored vs. UCLA. Again, this play is strictly because I cannot play the 10+ options priced lower than him at the guard position and high priced forwards aren't exactly mouth watering either. I'll gladly take Andrews and his 30 point floor in a total that expects to be in the 170 neighborhood.

Kelan Martin - Forward, Butler. Price $7,300, DK Price $7,000)

Let's just think for a second if Butler never played DePaul a few games ago. Now, while we can't undo that game, him throwing a dud plays well into his ownership on this slate. Many DFSers care players most recent games, and his poor showing will scare people off of him. He was about 30-40% owned on Wednesday on a 16 game slate, so certainly expect that number to trend south for this slate. While it is on the road, Marquette also struggles with talented big men. Whether Martin starts or not, he is really good value on this slate.

Wesley Iwundu - Forward, Kansas State. Price $7,200, DK Price $6,200)

There will not be many opportunities this season to play Iwundu, and he's virtually the best play KSU has. KSU draws a nice SEC match-up here with Ole Miss, that will speed the game for them. Iwundu at home has been very solid this year, and coming off a really bad road game, I love the bounce back spot here for him. He'll have ample opportunities to poke holes up and down the box score in this one, as he has very good peripherals.

Mid-Priced Plays

Billy Garrett Jr. - Guard, Depaul. (FD Price $6,400, DK Price $6,400)

Garrett is one of those type of players when priced in the high 7K range is almost always unplayable, but when below 6.5K is always in play. He's priced at home in this slate at 6.4K, which is very affordable for a player with his peripherals.Another plus I see for him is that he's coming back home after a complete dud his last time out. I really think DePaul competes in this game and even covers the spread, and I see Garrett being a big reason why.

Tyler Davis - Forward, Texas A&M. (FD Price $6,000, DK Price $6,100)

Texas A&M is actually projected to outscore their season average which is kind of scary. Iowa State's pace will allow the Aggies players to put up very nice stat lines, but the problem is (on Fanduel at least), their two top players are priced so high. I'm talking about Jalen Jones and Daniel House, and I just cannot pay up for them. Now you need exposure to this game, and I think it comes in the form of Tyler Davis, Davis is very safe at home and typically only struggles on the road. He has also looked great in his last two and again the tempo bump will provide extra fantasy points go to around. Iowa State is not good defensively, so even their trees inside don't scare me off Davis here.

Bennie Boatwright - Forward, USC. (FD Price $6,600, DK Price $6,600)

Well, if I liked Jovanic on Thursday night vs. Washington State at 6300, how can I not write up Boatwright instead of him in an even better match-up for the same price? The truth is I like both in this match-up, but I assume the crowd will jump to Jovanic for his price. On Thursday, we were trying to fit studs in and Jovanic was cheaper, but on this slate, there is extra cap room to go around. I also love, that Boatwright had an unimpressive showing Thursday, as this plays into the bounce back potential. As mentioned Thursday, I liked Jovanic in that spot, as he was coming off his worst game of the season. Both Boatwright and Jovanic are good plays as USC is projected the top score of the night, but if I had to pick one in this match-up it will be Boatwright.

Devin Williams - Forward, West Virginia (FD Price $6,200, DK Price $7,100)

Williams deserves a mention here for the obvious reason of Holton being suspended. Holton eats up 30+ minutes of a fairly thin front court, and those minutes are going to someone. While I certainly don't expect Williams to play 35 minutes in this game, over 30 would not surprise me. He's got pretty good fantasy points per minute stats, and certainly has to be thought about when constructing lineups. The match-up is not exactly dream worthy, but there is solid value here. His road showings scare me, but barring foul trouble the court time will be there against Florida.

Chauncey Collins - Guard, TCU. (FD Price $5,700, DK Price $5,400)

Fanduel raised Collins price up to 5700 a few slates ago, and he still wound up being a solid play. He had a poor showing in his most recent game at Texas, but comes back to his home floor here, with a great match-up. TCU draws Tennessee from the SEC, and couldn't ask for a much better spot for their players. The guy leading this charge is Collins, and even at 5700, I like him to go over value. I love the awful showing at Texas, as this means only one thing, which has been the theme in this article. BOUNCE BACK

Katin Reinhardt - Guard, USC. (FD Price $5,700, DK Price $6,000)

Reinhardt makes this article two times in a row and for good reason. He drops 27 fps on Thursday, and now gets an even faster tempo'd team at home. Reinhardt will have the opportunity for many wide open looks and more than enough court time to add some peripherals. As mentioned Thursday, I still cannot play McLaughlin or Jacobs, as both are still out of form and priced a bit high. Reinhardt provides tremendous value though, and will most likely be the highest owned player on the slate.

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