This is such an interesting slate on both Fanduel and Draftkings for multiple reasons. For one thing, good luck constructing a lineup of Fanduel that doesn't make you gag. On Draftkings though, it's like a lottery of under-priced guys. This brings up an interesting topic as to what is preferred: tight or loose pricing? I'll say that I personally prefer tight pricing hands down. I have far more confidence that I'll grab the right value guys vs. taking players I normally never would have because their price is appetizing. I want to make sure you know going in that you will struggle to make a good looking lineup on Fanduel, but this article will provide you with enough value guys to get through. Now I'm not even going to waste the writing space with telling you to play Ben Simmons and Kris Dunn. Being on the road is the only downfall here, but don't be silly on Fanduel's slate. Take players with safe floors and don't wander elsewhere. Avoiding the grenades and landmines on Fanduel's slate is key, and the information below will guide you in the right direction. I do not want to steer you in the wrong direction with this article, so I've left DK some pricing out. Again, there are huge differences in prices on this slate between both DFS sites, and many Fanduel value plays are not good plays on DraftKings. I will mention DK Pricing, for players that offer good value on both sites. Play Ben Simmons and Kris Dunn on Fanduel and construct the best lineup you can after them.

Mid-Priced Plays

Tyler Roberson/Tyler Lydon - Forward, Syracuse. (FD Price $7,100/$6,200)

There is no surprise recipe for how you beat Virginia Tech. You get the ball in the paint and let the front court perform. We have a scenario here where both Roberson and Lydon's prices have dropped and this scenario is perfect for them. I'm not advising to play the two together, but I think you'll need exposure to one of them on Fanduel. Lydon is almost 1K cheaper, so I'll lean there, but don't leave Roberson off of your potential plays for the night. Someone in this front court will perform very well and I'll be giving Coleman a mention in the low priced plays as well. This match-up for Syracuse just points to them feeding the talented bigs they have, and while they are under-sized, they are far more talented than anything Virginia Tech has inside.

Nick Jacobs - Forward, Georgia Tech. (FD Price $6,900, DK Price $5,400)

Jacobs's DK price is straight stealing, and fade at your own risk. On Fanduel though, his price is not as appetizing. I do feel though that with his consistent minutes he has been getting along with projected pace, he is one of the safer forwards on the slate on Fanduel. Scoring no less than 14 in his last four, and grabbing no less than 7 rebounds, Jacobs has been very consistent lately. Plumlee doesn't scare me one bit inside, and the extra possessions for GT will prove to help Jacobs get to value. Regardless if Jacobs get to 4x tomorrow or not, he will not hurt you.

Devin Williams - Forward, West Virginia. (FD Price $6,500)

We learned a few things from WVU's first game without Holton. For one thing it's that Devin Williams is heavily involved in this offense again. He took 15 shots (tied for his most attempts this year), and grabbed 13 rebounds (second most of the year). He was very aggressive on both sides of the ball and will be in a very fast paced game against ISU. Vegas sees this game as only a 4 point game, so WVU is going to score points. With limited front court players that WVU can trust, expect Williams to show up to this game and play well. Foul trouble for Williams adds some risk to him, but if he sees 25+ minutes, there is little reason to think he won't reach value.

Malik Newman - Guard, Mississippi State. (FD Price $6,300, DK Price $5,400)

In my eyes, Newman is a virtual lock for value on both sites at these prices. Obviously, I like the DK price far more, but the Fanduel price doesn't scare me one bit. Gavin Ware is questionable, and if he can't go, that will leave more shots up for grabs. Even if Ware does play, Newman is very reliable at home, and he is just under-priced in this match-up. Newman has good peripherals and has been on a nice scoring tear recently as well. Play him with confidence on this slate.

Alex Poythress - Forward, Kentucky. (FD Price $5,900)

Poythress finally has a nice showing which was long overdue in his last game vs. Kansas. Still priced fairly low at $5900, he makes for a good play against under-sized Tennessee. Now Kentucky plays a bit under-sized as well, but I like Poythress at the 4 spot to have ample opportunities in this game. His confidence will be high for his last game, and hopefully he can continue to play well because $5900 is just too cheap for his talent. He got over 30 minutes for the first time in six games, and as long as he goes over 30 minutes again, he should reach value here.

Low-Priced Plays

Codi Miller-McIntyre - Guard, Wake Forest. (FD Price $5,300)

Playing Miller-McIntyre I'm sure has been frustrating if you've been constantly running him out. This price is the cheapest I've seen, and he virtually falls into a must play category at this price. Add in the fact that pricing is so tight on Fanduel, and this just adds to the benefits in playing him. The match-up is not ideal, but guards have hurt Clemson at times this year, and you don't exactly need a career game from Codi here. He is far more consistent at home, and this price again is just way too low. If he's burned you in the past, don't let that change your thinking here. Play him with confidence as a pure value play.

Nathan Adrian - Forward, West Virginia (FD Price $4,600, DK Price $4,300)

As I mentioned, above WVU is expected by Vegas to show up tomorrow. I find it hard to believe that the WVU starting front-court will completely dud in this spot. With Holton's suspension, Adrian filled in just nicely providing good numbers in 28 minutes as a starter. This again, is purely a value play, and there are few better on this slate. As long as he plays 28 minutes again, I see very little risk in running him out against ISU. There will be too many possessions in the game vs. ISU to not warrant under-priced guys and the entire WVU front-court is discounted. Adrian is clearly trusted in his role now, and his price is so low that he provides such little risk.

DaJuan Coleman - Forward, Syracuse. (FD Price $4,500, DK Price $4,100)

I mentioned above that Coleman would be in this article, and for good reason. So, his numbers aren't exactly breathtaking and he rarely goes over 10 fantasy points, but the right situation has come his way. One of his better games of the year was against Boston College who struggles with big men. Well, Virginia Tech is even worse vs. big men, and Coleman is a true center. His talents are very raw, but he his a strong guy down low, and should be able to push around the Hokies on his way to a decent game. At minimum price, he doens't need to do much and being home against under-sized Virginia Tech, I really like his changes to hit at minimum price.

Jalyn Patterson - Guard, LSU. (FD Price $4,500, DK Price $4,500)

Patterson finds his way into this article once again. He is still minimum price, and deservedly so, since he hasn't exceeded value at this price in over 4 games. This game though figures to be very high scoring for LSU, and Patterson looks to be locked into 30 minutes of court time. In a game paced like this, it could really pay dividends players like Patterson. The argument can probably be made for 5-6 LSU players, but the two I'll be playing are Simmons and Patterson. Ten points along with some peripherals wouldn't surprise me in the least here for Patterson, as LSU will be scoring a ton as a team in this game.

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