2021 is looking like a big year for DraftKings users. They are minting 100 millionaires in 2021 but also deploying multiple grand championships on top of that. There will be live and online series, from their daily fantasy platform to their sportsbook and casino. Users will have multiple chances to qualify for any of the three major tournaments, as there are multiple world championships, brackets, and legends series set for the 2021 season.

What Is The Tournament of Champions?

There are three DraftKings platforms, daily fantasy, sportsbook, and the casino. Each will be holding a tournament of champions. There will be championship series contests set throughout the season, and you need to win one of these events to qualify for the tournament of champions. Those who qualify will have a chance for a VIP experience and more cash prizes.

How Do I Qualify?

There are a few different ways to qualify, but they all require taking down a large field qualifier or tournament. For the Daily Fantasy Sports platform, there are 88 Millionaire Contests spread across all major sports. NFL and PGA offer up a lot of them for the major tournaments, and then the NFL offering them each week. Winners of the World Championship tournaments for Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, and Football will all qualify.

For the Sportsbook site, the championship series bracket, football survivor pool, pick'em national championship, sports betting fall championship, and sports betting national championship will also qualify for the tournament of champions. The Legends Series in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia will also qualify.

Users can't directly pay into the Tournament of Champions, as the qualifications rules are set above. Every championship series is also played online this year, but DraftKings has stated that they will be looking to safely run live in-person events. Nothing has been announced as of yet and players will have the option to turn down and still compete if there are live in-person events.

Upcoming Events

There are a handful of upcoming events in the near future. Any event that is a millionaire maker will have a payout shown with a 2022 Tournament of Champions Entry. There are two millionaire contests coming up for the PGA majors. The Legends Series for each state are running from March 11-22. You must opt-in and be at the top of the leaderboards to qualify. With the NCAA Tournament coming up, there is a Millionaire bracket from March 19th to April 5th. On March 24th there is a $2.5M Fantasy Basketball Mega Millionaire.

Legends Series

If you are within any of the states where DraftKings is running a Legends Series, and meet all requirements, you can opt-in each month from March, April, and May to qualify within the leaderboard. Your finishing position on the monthly leaderboard earns you a specific number of points within the Legends Series.

Each series already has an amazing amount of prize offerings, and the first place prize has a $30,000 value in addition to the Tournament of Champions qualification. Be sure to check for upcoming dates and when leaderboards are released.

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