Movie sequels aren't hard to come by anymore in Hollywood; perfect example, Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. It was a funny movie that entertained, but it blew up in the box-office and now we are going to get a sequel that is going to be more over the top and not nearly as funny.

But it gets even worse in the instance of Trilogy's, the first Hangover was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen but soon after we had a 2nd one, which was one of the worst movies I had ever seen (yet blew up at the box office), which meant we were going to get that dreaded 3rd one that everyone was showing up to collect that massive paycheck and it sucked (just not as bad as the 2nd one).

But for every Hangover or Robocop Trilogy you have an Oceans Trilogy, while not all were loved by everyone, I personally thought all three were classics. Inspired by the original Oceans 11, we had a new “Rat Pack" instead of Sammy & Dean we had Clooney & Pitt. Sure the movies lacked some common sense, weren't the most well-acted films, but they were a lot of fun to watch.

So, this week's theme is going to be the Oceans Trilogy, I am going to pair my favorite film with my favorite DFS plays of the week.

Like it – “Ocean's Twelve" – (This lacked the pizazz the first one did, I really felt like this was that typical Hollywood sequel that everyone showed up for the paycheck)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills - $3000 (DraftKings) - $4700 (FanDuel)

This is the first time I've used a defense in my article but this one was way too hard to pass up. I will start out with this first.

Bills Injuries

TyGod Taylor – Questionable - MCL Injury
Lesean McCoy – Questionable - Hamstring Injury
Karlos Williams – Likely Out - Concussion
Sammy Watkins – Likely to play but how effective?

Well that leaves us with EJ Manuel at the quarterback position and Bobbie/Boom combo and their 2.9 YPC from last week.

While they haven't exactly lite it up with their defensive play this year, they are the 8th ranked (7th ranked on FanDuel) on DraftKings and have the best matchup of the weekend.

Giovanni Bernard vs. Buffalo Bills - $4600 (DraftKings) - $6700 (FanDuel)

I always look first thing Monday mornings at the prices and then I start to dissect who are going to be a part of my article while looking I see that Bernard is still priced lower than Jeremy Hill (on DraftKings) and it just blows my mind. This is Bernard's offense, he has out touched Hill 86-58 through 5 weeks.

Bernard was the first guy since week 11 of last season to average over 5 YPC (with 15+ carries) against the Seahawks. That run defense is no joke and this week isn't going to be rainbows and butterflies either.

The Bills have one of the best run defenses in football, but they really have faced teams with time shares or just no good running game at all. Bernard is this team's workhorse and with a potential blowout looming, he could see a ton of carries late in the game.

I like him a lot more on DraftKings where he sits as the 23rd ranked running back but wouldn't hesitate to use him on FanDuel either this week.

Love it – “Ocean's Thirteen" – (I felt like the “Magic" was back in this film. While not as an instant classic as the original and the story wasn't all that, it felt like the fun was brought back to this film.)

Arian Foster vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - $7000 (DraftKings) – $8500 (FanDuel)

Nobody is happier than I am that Foster is back in action (I have an insane amount of stock of him in redraft leagues) while he didn't look fantastic he was a check down machine once Hoyer took over for Mallet.

The Jaguars have had an up and down season against the running back position but Foster is by far the best back they've seen this season. Doug Martin torched this team on the ground last week, also look for a young Texans team to rely on their workhorse to try and open up the passing game.

You are going to pay the premium for Foster but you are going to get Premium return for the price.

Allen Hurns vs. Houston Texans - $5,000 (DraftKings) - $6500 (FanDuel)

Look I will rant and rave about my “Gotta Have" below but this guy belongs on there too. Hurns has been on fire over the course of the last 3 weeks.

He's got a touchdown in 3 straight games, 100+ in back to back and hasn't had below 10 fantasy points all season.

The QB situation doesn't bother me at all, what I am really intrigued by is how Julius Thomas is going to open the door for Hurns/Robinson to see more 1 on 1 coverage. This offense is really exciting and is only going to continue to grow throughout the season.

Gotta Have it – “Ocean's Eleven" – (Ensemble cast can be a bit of a drag as some might be there for the paycheck but for this movie it was the complete opposite. The plot was fun, the acting was great and was a just an overall fun film to watch)

Tom Brady vs. Indianapolis Colts - $8100 (DraftKings) - $9000 (FanDuel)

Julian Edelman vs. Indianapolis Colts - $7600 (DraftKings) - $7900 (FanDuel)

Casting Ocean's Eleven – NFL Edition

Tom Brady as Danny Ocean
Rob Gronkowski as Rusty Ryan
Julian Edelman as Linus Caldwell
Bill Belichick as Saul Bloom
Roger Goodell as Terry Benedict

Goodell playing Terry Benedict (originally played by Andy Garcia) is probably the best casting I could've ever come up with. Benedict is an arrogant prick that's worth millions of dollars that no one likes, sound familiar?
Brady is a lot like Danny Ocean (Originally played by Clooney), both good looking guys with one thing in mind, take down the man in charge. Deflate Gate was the talk of the world during the entire offseason. Goodell suspended Brady; Brady appealed, and is basically out on parole (Like Danny) until the courts reconvene in February. The only thing we are missing is Goodell taking Giselle while he was in jail.

Enter week 6, the week everyone all summer had circled while we all “thought" Brady would've been coming back from suspension. Instead Brady has put the NFL on notice and been on fire to start the season (11 touchdowns/0 INTs), providing the biggest FU to the NFL as they run up the score on each team.

This is also the date where I had circled, “The Deflator" vs. “The Snitches", no matter the price tag I am going to play Brady and with that being said I am going to stack him with one of his favorite weapons in Julian Edelman.

Danny, Rusty, Linus & Saul are coming to town and taking the Colts for everything they are worth.

I don't know if the Ocean's trilogy is underrated or not, but it sure seems that way. Such classic movies! Really digging the Jags/Texans calls here, and love the game for offense. Which feels weird saying, but they have been performing at very high levels. Love the casting calls as well haha!
I also love the Jags/Texans game for offense. I would not be surprised to see it as the highest scoring game of the week. I love these articles always very entertaining way to do research.
Jason, It's strange to think that game seems like it's probably going to have 55-60 points scored in that game but both teams are terrible but so fun to watch. Thanks for the kind words bud.
Zach, Thank you for the kind words bud.