Yahoo Optimal Lineup & Stack: Week 15

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Cash Game Projections

Aaron Rodgers has hit a string of tough match-ups, but even with the injuries, Rodgers is turning in the top fantasy season from a quarterback, and is truly lethal in the red-zone. The Bears have been solid in the secondary this year, but even when they faced the Packers early in the season, Rodgers wasn't doing what he's doing now. Rodgers is a top cash game option, and stacking him with Davante Adams is certainly a viable move. Adams is once again under-priced, and he simply keeps scoring and playing consistently well throughout the 2016 season. If Matt Forte is actually out, Bilal Powell is legitmately a top five running back play on the week. He's extremely cheap, in a great matchup, and has shown tremendous upside whenever given the opportunity, including last week. Powell is a great receiving down back, and with the way the Jets have played this year, they could be trailing once again. Le'Veon Bell is coming off a tremendous performance and as the Steelers continue to charge towards making the playoffs, they'll continue to use him in a total feature role. Adam Thielen isn't my first choice in that price range, but overall, he's certainly viable against the Colts. Adding onto that fact, with the way the Vikings passing game has gone this year, I'm REALLY not in favor of clumping two of their receiving options together with Kyle Rudolph. If I'm taking a chance on the Vikings passing game, it won't be in a stacking sort of way.

Taylor Gabriel has been awesome in the second half for the Falcons, and that should continue against the 49ers defense, especially if Julio Jones is out again. The Falcons have been a well oiled machine this year, and with the 49ers lack of ability taken into account, it's fair to believe that he can continue his streak of big plays. While Kenneth Farrow could certainly be in for a big time volume type role this week, he's not all that talented of a player, and I'd suggest hedging on your exposure to him. No debating the Seahawks defense against this reeling Rams team. While the Rams have kept things close with Seattle over the last few years, this is looking like a full on onslaught type of situation.

GPP Projections

Really the only difference is swapping Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. Again, I'm ok with targeting the Colts secondary with Vikings receiving options, but I'm not in on more than one in a lineup. The Buccaneers have been a lot better of late, but it's tough to see them holding this Cowboys running game down for an entire game. This is a big game for both teams, and with how little the Cowboys turn the ball over, it's tough to see a ton of upside.


Yes, yes, of course. right. sure.

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I loveeeeeee this lineup, and I might even play it this weekend. The combination of Bilal Powell and Le'Veon Bell with Tevin Coleman and the Flex is a tremendous combination. Then adding in the Packers stack with Ty Montgomery, who is the new starting running back, it makes things really high upside. This is clearly a tournament lineup, but overall, there's a pretty reasonable floor as well. I like the Packers defense, but I'm not sure I'd play it in this lineup, though I'm certainly not against it.

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