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Hi , I am new to the site and testing out some of your software. I am a current user on both fantasy labs and rotoql. I am looking for advice on which filters to use for the line up optimizer GPP other than the ceiling filter

Also , how can use isolate specific games for the optimizer ( ex I don't want any player from dal vs uta game so I want to run the optimizer without that game or run it with only dal on it ).

7 years ago

No trouble at all. Tier one are the elite plays. Tier two are the mid-level plays that range from top value or just solid mid-priced options. Tier three can range from risky GPP plays to punt values, and injury fill-ins.

7 years ago
Accepted Answer

Hey @Groovedesign - the game theory and usage rate are both solid ways to bump up a player's projection geared toward's GPP use. The others can be deployed as well, but are more personal favorites. Running both of those together will give you a higher ceiling.

If you go into the games tab in the optimizer, you have the ability to exclude games and teams. It's the black X next to the team and game. That will go red, and those players will be excluded from the player pool. Another way is to use the Bulk Update box. If you want Dallas out or multiple teams, type in the team name, and hit exclude all. This is shown under the advanced options.

7 years ago

thank you for the quick response , I hope I can turn a profit this week with your product.

7 years ago

Of course, let us know how it goes. Feel free to drop us some feedback.

7 years ago

hey , sorry to trouble you again . In the cheat sheet , whats the difference and meaning of the tier?


7 years ago
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