MLB Salary Exploitation Tool

Compare Daily Fantasy Baseball Salaries

The difference of site scoring and pricing can make or break a player's value to your lineups, and our Salary Exploitation Tool helps make you more aware of that. MLB DFS is a sport where you will need to pinpoint deep value plays, especially when you are paying up for Mr. Expensive, aka, Clayton Kershaw. You also might no be aware of a high-priced player's value could be duplicated for a cheaper price, but our tool sees it. You can sort, search, and narrow down the top points-per-dollar plays across most major sites on just one page.

Numerous factors go into our projection and value systems, which are being constantly updated throughout the day. A player who usually hits eighth in the lineup, and now is hitting second, will have a higher value than in days past. The Salary Exploitation tool picks up on that, and shows you in our color coded system. Constructing lineups is about finding the most bang for your buck, and MLB is no different. You can view our "Cafe Value" across most sites in one page, making it easier to find plays on multiple sites.

Each site is different, and MLB is in a spot where there is noticeable in site scoring, and roster size. These can shape a player’s points-per-dollar outcome, making them a solid play on one site, but possible overpriced on another. Some sites offer a two pitcher format, which might increase a lower-priced pitcher's value, given the importance of pitcher scoring. You will be able to sort by site, and position to help make MLB DFS research a little easier.