NFL Salary Exploitation Tool

Compare Daily Fantasy Site Salaries and Value

With daily fantasy football being a massive industry these days, we are lucky enough to compete across various daily fantasy sites. Not all sites have the same pricing, roster construction, or scoring, meaning a player does not have the same value on every site. Players can make for overpriced plays on one site, and be underpriced on another. Our Salary Exploitation Tool highlights every NFL player, comparing their salaries across various sites. We also take it one step further, adding in our "Cafe Value," to show you where you can get the most bang for your buck.

If you are familiar with our projections system already, you know about filtering between cash and GPP. If not, we have two separate projections for GPP contests, and cash game contests. We are always looking for the little extra in GPP’s, and our projections give you that. Like our other tools, you can filter the projections in our Salary Exploitation Tool, to see how things change for Cafe Value. You have two ways of viewing across all eight sites, by salary, and by Cafe Value. This gives you the option to sort by either, depending on what you are looking for. Hovering over a price with your cursor will show you cafe value of the single player, or vice versa if you are sorting by Cafe Value.

Now that you are all sorted out, you might be wondering what the color coding means. Our Cafe Value numbers show you which player comes across as great plays for their price, average plays for their price, and bad plays for their price. These all vary between the sites, as well as what projection system you have set. For example, Todd Gurley was priced very low across the industry, and some sites took longer than others to adjust his price. We went week-to-week, where he was a great play for his price on one site, and looked like an average play on another. Our tool highlights where he is the best play.

This tool will be your pitstop before making lineups, especially if you play at multiple spots. If you want to play Tom Brady across numerous sites this weekend, you might want to check his worth in our Salary Exploitation Tool.