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DraftKings. Reviewed by Robert on . 5 user reviews. Overall Ratings: 4.8 out of 5.0

DraftKings is our choice as the top daily fantasy site for 2015. While there has been some debate over the total prize money number to be paid in 2015, DraftKings is poised to pay out well over $400,000,000 in 2015. That dollar amount is mind-blowing and gives players ample opportunity to win a ton of cash prizes. In the first week of last NFL season, DraftKings made four people millionaires. In the following 14 weeks, DK handed out $1,000,000 to one winner each weekend. How would you like to become a millionaire in one weekend playing fantasy football?

Draftkings.com provides visitors with the ability to play the full spectrum of fantasy sports for cash. The most common sport played, as with every fantasy money league, is NFL football. DraftKings offers every contests for every other professional sports league as well as college football and basketball. DraftKings has increased in popularity after numerous nationally televised commercials, radio spots and a heavy online marketing campaign. DraftKings is quickly gaining market share in the industry and with the recent acquisitions of DraftStreet and StarStreet, have secured their position as one of the top two daily fantasy football leagues today. We rank DraftKings ahead of FanDuel, because of the progress DraftKings has made in the last 12-18 months. DraftKings is making a major push to be more innovative, payout more and help the industry grow. With an easy to use site that looks good and a mobile app that allows players to complete all necessary actions on the go, DraftKings is our favorite site on which to play.

DraftKings is legal in the US and Canada. There are a few renegade US states, making life difficult and if you live in one of these depressing states, you can only play in free games. Check out our Legal page for a list of these states. On any given day, you can find a fantasy football contest to join. During the weekdays, online users seems to be around 2,000-3,000 users. On the weekends, the number of users increases dramatically. Finding a tournament, Head 2 Head or 50/50 game will never be an issue. The contest offerings are diverse and contests vary in prize money from $1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, to 1 on 1 battles with a $2 payout. You can always play in free games first before making your first deposit. Frequent players are rewarded with “FPP" or Frequent Player Points. These points are simply earned by playing money games. DraftKings also gives out DK dollars to loyal clients, which can be redeemed for participation in money leagues and prizes.

When the NFL is in the off-season most sites slow down somewhat. Not with DraftKings. DraftKings keeps the action going with a variety of games in all major sports (Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey), and you will be able to find thousands of contests with participation. When the NFL season is in season, traffic, games and prizes grow exponentially. You'll never have issues finding action within the parameters you desire. This NFL season, DraftKings is kicking off the season with a $5,000,000 total prize pool on opening weekend. You can potentially win $100,000 for first place week 1. If you sign up today through our website, you will get a free entry into this contest and a 100% deposit bonus. Don't wait and draft your team with no risk and no long term commitment.

DraftKings Details


This DraftKings review may be a bit biased as it's personally my favorite site to play on. However, I'm going to try to keep subjectivity out of the equation and focus on some facts. DraftKings provides a functional website with extremely high prize pools and tons of users. You can always find an NFL contest and most importantly this website is trustworthy and pays its users. The website is secure using SSL technology and allows for all major forms of payment for deposits. This site is becoming more popular after running nationally televised commercials. View one of the commercials below.

Step 1 – Signup

Signing up is on draftkings.com is simple and straightforward. The site at signup makes a point of confirming your state to ensure participation is allowed. DraftKings like all other reputable daily fantasy cafe websites, blocks users for the same set of US states. For more information, visit the Is it Legal? page. To get started, simply log into http://www.draftkings.com and sign up with your basic information.

Note: Your deposit bonus is automatically provided to you when you click on any of our images or links to signup on draftkings.com. This is an exclusive offer for dailyfantasycafe.com users!

Promo Code

DraftKings provides by far and away the strongest promo code in the industry. As with all the daily fantasy cafe sites, to get the highest amount of free cash, just click on any of our links and you will automatically receive 100% bonus up to $600 deposit!

This is guaranteed and certified by DraftKings. If you are already on the DraftKings signup screen and see a “promo code" box, enter code CAFE to receive our exclusive offer.

Step 2 – Deposit Money

Depositing money is a fast and simple process. Immediately after you signup, you are directed to the deposit page below. For the maximum bonus amount deposit $600 and receive $600 in bonus cash. Like every bonus, there are terms which include playing money games and you earn your bonus cash over time. You can then use this bonus cash to enter contests and win more money. You can use every major credit card and PayPal to make deposits at draftkings.com.

Step 3 – Pick a Contest

There are multiple ways to find and select the contest that fits your criteria. The filters are easy to use and navigation makes selecting a contest painless. See video below for a demo.

Step 4 – Draft a Team

Drafting a team is super easy on draftkings.com. The interface and process is very similar to FanDuel. There are only a few steps and the process is logical and straightforward. Need some points on how to draft? Check out our How to Win Fantasy page for a road map to success. See below for a video introduction.


It is critical to review the scoring terms on draftkings.com and any other money league websites you use. Scoring structures vary and your draft should be completely catered to the scoring system of the website you are using. The scoring system for NFL contest is below:

Step 5 – Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing funds is quick and easy. Some sites make the process of withdrawing funds cumbersome, but not DraftKings. You simply click on the My Account link that is located in the drop down under the Sprocket image (Settings) in the top right. You then click the Withdraw button and select a form of withdrawal payment and an address to which the funds should be sent if being paid by check. See the screenshots below for a visual aid.

DraftKings offers payouts via Paypal and check. You can count on withdrawals taking 7 business days to receive.

Website Experience

DraftKings completed a site redesign and improved vastly in all areas. The navigation is easy to use and finding the contests that you desire is a breeze. Generally everything is accessed through the top navigation bar and once you click into each sub-section you can see the specifics you're looking for.

Functionality & Ease of Use

The redesigned DraftKings website is far superior to most of the competitors in the space. The functionality, buttons and important website sections are easy to find and use. Sorting and using advanced search features are simple and don't require much time to get a hang of. The font contrasts and important call outs on the website are easily found. Promotions are front and center with the featured contests clearly displayed.

The main I have is that some of the important sections such as “My Account" are not visible without clicking on the sprocket or Settings images in the top right corner of the website. I would've liked to see the Withdrawal button without having to click through “My Account" and then click on another Withdrawal button. The FAQ section was a little too buried for my tastes as well. I think a link in the footer at a minimum is needed. I want to be able to clearly get answers to my questions, quickly without sending in a support ticket. Once again, to get to the FAQ section, click on the sprocket in the top right corner. Overall, the site is straightforward, has nice hierarchy and easy to use.


The updated design is leagues above what is was previously. It's sleek, stylish and conveys a high-end, premium brand. The contrast of fonts and colors help draw your attention to the most important elements on the page. The website works seamlessly on all browsers and operating systems.

Mobile App

DraftKings is leading the way in mobile technology in the daily fantasy sports space. They are the first on the market with a mobile app that makes going mobile a whole lot easier. While I don't recommend mobile for more than making last minute updates, deposits and withdrawals, I still prefer this mobile app over any other competitors' mobile website. See the mobile screenshots below.


I think support is the element DraftKings can really improve upon. I am not a fan of support webforms. Other competitors such as FanDuel offer chat on screen and a telephone number. A knowledge database or easy to use Wiki would be better options than a static webform. The good news is, you will get a response to your questions. The bad news is, it won't be instant like the more sophisticated support options available on other websites.

Current Promotions

College Basketball $100,000 March Mania Bracket Challenge

DraftKings $100K March Mania Bracket Challenge is a fantasy college basketball contest held March 19-27. Players must compete to qualify for a spot in the 64 player bracket. There is no direct entry option.

Qualifying players compete in a 64 player head-to-head bracket style contest for a $20,000 top prize. Game sets include college basketball tournament games from March 19-27. A live bracket selection show on DKTV will announce randomly selected seeds on March 15. DraftKings will post the full bracket on March 16. The opening March Mania Round of 64 on March 19 includes CBB's Round of 64 Day 1 games. March Mania's Round of 32 includes CBB's Round of 64, Day 2 games. March Mania's Round of 16 includes CBB's Round of 32, Day 1 games. March Mania's Quarterfinals includes CBB's Round of 32, Day 2 games. March Mania's Semifinals includes CBB's Round of 16, DAy 1 games. The March Mania championship on March 27 includes CBB's Round of 16, Day 2 games.

Each player can qualify up to four times from February 12 - March 14. Players may only qualify once per region. March Mania qualifying contest entries are $2, $5, $20, $100, or $200. Winners of a $20 March Mania Qualifier receive an entry to play in the 64 team head-to-head contest. Winners of the $2 and $5 satellite tournaments receive entry either to a $100 or $200 qualifying tournament or directly to the March Mania Bracket Challenge. Visit the DraftKings Contest Lobby to find qualifying tournaments. Current listings of qualifiers can be found on the DraftKings contest page. A $100K March Mania Bracket Challenge entry is valued at $1,562.50.

The March Mania Bracket Challenge guarantees $100,000 in payouts. All players in the 64 team bracket receive prize money. The top prize is $20,000. All players are paid out according to the round in which they are eliminated. The payout structure is as follows: Round of 64: $500, Round of 32: $1000, Round of 16: $2000, Round of 8: $3000, Round of 4: $5000, 2nd Place: $10000, Champion: $20000.

Players are subject to DraftKings terms and conditions. Contest rules are also available on the March Mania lobby page.

Fantasy Soccer World Championship

The Fantasy Soccer World Championship is being held on DraftKings this May, and it is set to be the biggest daily fantasy soccer tournament in the history of the DraftKings. The Fantasy Soccer World Championship will be played using the English Premier League games on May 24th. A total of 370 lucky daily fantasy soccer players will get their chance to win part of the guaranteed $100,000 prize fund.

Everyone looking to enter the Fantasy Soccer World Championship on DraftKings can enter the tournament right now for an entry fee of $300. Satellite tournaments into the Fantasy Soccer World Championship will be held until May 23rd. You can enter one of the satellite tournaments for as little as $.25.

A total of 74 will teams in the DraftKings Fantasy Soccer World Championship will win part of the $100,000 prize fund. Everyone cashing in the tournament will win at least $600. If you are able to secure a top 10 finish in the Fantasy Soccer World Championship, then you will walk away with at least $1,500. The seventh and eighth placed teams will earn $2,000. A sixth place finish will earn your team $3,000.

If your team is able to finish in the top five, then you will win at least $4,000. A fourth place finish will win $5,000, and a third place finish earns $7,000. The runner-up in the Fantasy Soccer World Championship on DraftKings will get a payday worth $10,000. The team that scores the most points in the Fantasy Soccer World Championship will win $20,000.

Daily fantasy soccer players have been asking for a large tournament with a huge prize pool, and they will finally get their wish on May 24th. Thanks to DraftKings, you will now be able to turn your knowledge of the English Premier League to win the biggest daily fantasy soccer championship. There is nowhere else where you can turn a $.25 investment into $20,000 using your knowledge of soccer. The Fantasy Soccer World Championship is unlike any daily soccer tournament ever before, and you should not miss your chance to enter this unprecedented tournament.

DraftKings Soccer

The fantasy sports gambling site DraftKings is reaching across the Atlantic Ocean and bringing Fantasy soccer to the shores of America with three big featured events to take place. The addition of these new fantasy contests will give European “football" fans a chance to display their knowledge and try to take down the top prizes.

Three Contests

Unlike other DraftKings events, there will be no qualifiers to gain entry into these contests. It will be handle by entry fee only. Contest details are:

The $5,000 Guaranteed “Nutmeg" (EPL) – Top prize of $500 with an entry fee of $2. Entries will be capped at 2,875. New site members will receive a free entry with their first deposit.

The $20,000 Guaranteed “Equalizer" (EPL) – Top prize is $2,000 with a entry fee of $27. Entries will be capped at 840.

The $15,000 Guaranteed “Golden Boot" (EPL) – Top prize is $2,000 with an entry fee of $200. Entries will be capped at 83.

Contest Rules

Many of the standard Draftkings rules will be used for each of these three contests.

The “salary cap" draft method will be used with a salary cap of $50,000.

Each manager will draft a total of eight players; (2) Forwards, (2) Mid-fielders, (2) Defenders, (1) Flex F/M/D and (1) Goalkeeper.

Contestants should refer to the contest rules at Draftkings.com for scoring.

Each manager must select players from at least three separate English Premier League (EPL) teams.

Entries will be accepted up until 5 minutes prior to the start of the first game in EPL league play. (Note: The first game will begin at 7:45 pm EST)

For players who are unfamiliar with Fantasy soccer, these three exciting contests will give contestants the opportunity to learn about the teams and players associated with the most popular sport in the world. The English Premier League (EPL) is the most exclusive soccer league in the world with many of the world's top players and coaches. After opening a new account, players can go to the “lobby" area and check out the list of other available fantasy soccer events scheduled for each weekend of the EPL season.

As always, don't forget to use our exclusive DraftKings promo code, which provides the highest deposit bonus match in the industry. You will receive 100% match up to $600 and a free entry into a NFL contest.

World Poker Tour Contest

What are the rules of the contest?
The rules for the World Poker Tour contest follow the rules of the Draftking user agreement website. You must be a member of Draftkings community online to gain access and knowledge to these rules.

Who is eligible to enter the contest?
You must be 21 years or older by that date in order to be eligible to join the contest. The winner must also be available to travel to Atlantic City to compete. If the winner can not meet these requirements, they will not be permitted to participate in the contest.

What is rewarded to the winner of the World Poker Tour Contest
The Draftkings world poker tour contest allows members that compete in their contest to gain a VIP poker experience by going to the World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Open.

The World Poker Tour VIP package Includes:
The winner of the VIP package from Draftkings will gain the entry fee of $3500 into the WPT World Championship. It covers their stay at a hotel for the seven days of the event. They get $500 spending money to do with what they want, and their airfare and transfers are all paid for. The winner will also receive a Draftkings swag bag and access to behind the scenes final table experience.

What are the obligations of the winner of the contest?
If one wins the contest, they have to be able to abide by all of the winner responsibilities, including attending the tournament in Atlantic City. If the winner can not meet these responsibilities, they forfeit all rights to any of their winnings.


Review by Robert
Bottom line is Draftkings is the best site with the most money and most action. I've tried playing on some of the small sites and they just don't have any players. Maybe that'll change, but for now DK is my favorite.

Review by Milan
I lost my Starstreet account and am being told to transfer my account to Draft kings. I've checked out their site in the past and it seemed a bit too big and bloated at the time. At this point, if you want action, you either go to Draft kings or fanduel. I'm at both and play at both. New players can't go wrong on either. You'll have fun and will get paid. Most players will never make a living on fantasy football, so don't get caught up in making one million dollars. Also, learn about rake if you are trying to do this to make money. Support is good on this site, but I don't like waiting for emails and wanted to call. No phone number available or chat.

Review by Brandon
Been playing for about 9 months and I like it so far. This will be my first NFL season on the site. I can always find a game to play. I also signed at FanDuel and feel like I see some of the same players. Some of these guys play every contest and I get the feeling they know what they're doing. I don't put out my own H2H contests anymore, because they same players will join. I found my niche contest in 50/50's. I think they are the best way to consistently build a bankroll. After I build up some winnings, I play in a tournament once in a while. I'd recommend it.

Review by Jason Mullins
I am a big fan of DraftKings. They have a great selection of games and an easy to use interface. Withdrawals are also painless and timely (I received my withdrawal to PayPal within 3 days). The Promo Code availability is nice, but it isn't much different than anything offered on any other site. The only real complaint I have about the site is it took a little while to receive an answer to a question I had posed through their contact form. Other than that, no complaints and I will certainly be looking to become the next Fantasy Millionaire on Draftkings!

Review by Tyson
So far, I like the DraftKings site. There are a lot of players for NFL games and different types of games. I like the site a bit more than the other sites and they had more NFL contests into the playoffs. Still trying to get this free money bonus released. I'm surprised at how good the players are. Not easy to win a tournament.