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One of the most important aspects of line stacking in the NHL is not just the line but who you pair your lines with and why. I always begin by looking over the preview of the upcoming nightly games and the Vegas lines on the amount of goals expected to be scored. After all, no one has more people doing homework on all of the games. They are not always right but more times than not….they're right! I then make my notes based on all the info I have accumulated, and then figure out what games I want to key in on for that night. On a smaller slate I like to key one specific line and then interchange it with the lines of other games I feel have the potential for that specific line to accumulate the most points as a set. Sometimes I will choose a goalie before the choosing, other times I let it go and see what my options are. As for the cheaper defensemen, you need to look closely at the defensive pairing for that team. I put a ton of weight into players on better teams who plays either on the power play or with another top notch defensive partner. Sometimes you don't have much of a choice so I suggest to know who is current and logging time…..Which brings us to tonights slate. On these larger slates, its much harder to nail it down because there is so much parody, but you have to find your system and stick with what works.

The Chalk


FD Salary/Position

DK Salary/Position

Estimated Ownership

M. Lucic

$6,000 LW

$4,600 LW


T. Toffoli

$5,500 RW

$5,800 RW


A. Kopitar

$6,700 C

$5,600 C


The LA Kings may be the best team in hockey and have been sitting idly after beating a tough Toronto team 2 nights ago. A tired St. Louis Blues team who had their work cut of for them last night in Anaheim rolls in tonight. Even with Carter back, Coach Sutter left the lines intact with Kopitar centering Toffs and Lucic. Toffoli averages almost 4 points a game (3.77) with Kopitar right behind with 3.06, and Lucic averaging 2.58 fantasy points per game. Another possible shootout, I see the Kings coming out and jumping all over a tired Blues' team on the West Coast, given they are playing back to back against one of the top 3 teams in the NHL.


FD Salary/Position

DK Salary/Position

Estimated Ownership

J.V. Riemsdyk

$7,100 C

$7,600 C


P.A. Parenteau

$5,900 RW

$3,500 C


T. Bozak

$6,400 LW

$4,000 LW


These Leafs have been playing some of the best hockey all year, and are trending in the right direction as they finish up their last game of a West Coast road trip. With the strong play of Bernier who has been red hot, going 6-2 since an 0-8-3 start. The Leafs come into San Jose where the Sharks are zero for everything when giving up the first goal. The Sharks also boast a league low 2.1 goals per game at home. They are 1-3-1 in their 5 game home stand. JVR is a phenomenal player on a team where the majority of the scoring funnels through him. His line mate of P.A. Paranteau is a good complement averaging 2.3 fantasy points a game. Bozak is another player who complements JVR and is willing to get dirty. Toronto is a team with a top notch coach who has righted the ship in Toronto and has his boys believing in him and most importantly, in themselves.

PowerPlay Stack


FD Salary/Position

DK Salary/Position

Estimated Ownership

M. Pacioretty

$8,400 LW

$7,400 LW


B. Gallagher

$5,400 RW

$6,300 RW


T. Plekanec

$5,700 C

$5.200 C


A banged up Penguins team with Sid The Kid and Malkin come stumbling into Montreal tonight. The Canadiens are looking like the team they were a month or so ago. The top line of Pacioretty/Gallagher/Plekanec offers a lot of upside against a Penguin team averaging less than 2 goals a games scored. With Gallagher back on the line, Plekanec and Pac are playing much better have regained there confidence. Pacioretty is averaging 3.79 fantasy points a game, while Gallagher is boasting a 4.02 per game average. For his price, its stupid not to roster him and have some exposure. Winger, Thomas Plekanec, is not far behind with his 2.86 average and the best thing about this line is that they are the same power play unit. I look for teams that do that as its easier to figure who plays where. FanDuel loves to put players in the wrong position. Montreal is averaging 3.3 goals a game at home and is trending in the right direction, I like them at home tonight to score at least two goals. Depending on what Pitt team shows up, this could get ugly. Fleury may be there only saving grace.

Contrarian Corner


FD Salary/Position

DK Salary/Position

Estimated Ownership

Z. Parise

$9,400 LW

$4,700 LW


J. Pominville

$5,700 RW

$3,700 RW


M. Koivu

$6,000 C

$5,000 C


You might think I am crazy, but the Dallas Stars are tired and not playing well. When Lindy Ruff, the coach, has to shake up lines in practice as he has done this week, it has to make you wonder. As for Zach and company, they are playing mediocre hockey but go into Dallas in a game that has potential to be a shootout. We all know Dallas can score, but they have a tendency to give up goals in bulk. Averaging 2.3 goals allowed at home, the way they have been playing makes me think Zach and company with be able to put up goals on the board. Parise averages a tad under 4 fantasy points per game while Pominville 2.31 and Koivu 2.9 both carry their weight well on a line that can explode on any night.

Great Stuff, and I am glad to see Toronto here, they have been playing great as you mentioned.