NFL Week 12 Schedule 2016

Date Time Game
Thursday, November 24 12:30 PM ET Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions
Thursday, November 24 4:30 PM ET Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys
Thursday, November 24 8:30 PM ET Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints
Sunday, November 27 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, November 27 4:05 PM ET Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, November 27 4:25 PM ET Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos
Sunday, November 27 4:25 PM ET Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders
Sunday, November 27 8:30 PM ET New England Patriots @ New York Jets
Monday, November 28 8:30 PM ET Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Week 12 Fantasy Analysis

Thanksgiving week is always an interesting one, as it pulls some of the best teams onto Thursday. With the Redskins, Cowboys, Steelers, Colts, and Lions all playing before Sunday, it's almost like having a huge bye week. The Giants head to Cleveland to face off against the Browns, and should be in a good position to succeed. Odell Beckham is coming off a bad week, but should be able to rebound quickly with a high-end WR1 week. The Rams head to New Orleans and should have a really tough time slowing down the Saints. There's no debating the dominance of the Saints at home, and with the way the Rams have played offensively the last few weeks, it's going to be tough for them to keep up. With Jared Goff getting a bit of an easier matchup this week, it will be a better game to see what the Rams offense could look like in the near future. The Packers and Eagles finish off the week on Monday night in what should be a shootout. The Eagles have been tremendous defensively at home this year, and this should be a tall task for the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers has scored three or more touchdowns in each of the last four games, and regardless of opponent, It should be expected for him to have some potential. Carson Wentz should be able to rebound against a weak Packers secondary. The rookie has had a rough stretch, but the Packers simply have too many injuries right now to feel good about anything having to do with their defense.